Roll Cages


Virtually the heart of Krowrx

Base Front.png
Base Back.png

Cage Specs

-1.5" DOM 120 Wall

-MIG Welded

-1/4" Plates

-Drawn & Tested with CAD


Cage Design Options

All cages can be built within compliance with current FIA, F1 Drift, SCCA, and NASA regulations. All design aspects are fully customizable and can be built to fit other safety specs as well.  Please note prices below do not reflect the cost for these modifications. 


Basic 6pt. - Start at $1400
Basic 8pt. - Start at $1700
Basic 10pt. - Start at $2000
Basic 12pt. - Start at $2300


Dimple Gussets for A Pillars - $150/Pair
Custom Corner Gussets - $10 each  (Designs Below)


Corner Gusset Design Options: