So you want to start an EXO Build? Here are three easy steps to help get you started.

Step One: Selecting your donor

While here at Krowrx we can make an EXO out of virtually any car, there are some things that make the process a lot easier saving us time and you money.

Things to Look for in a donor:

-Running and driving: Not required but recommended. 

-Reliable Engine: This is a no brainer, we don't want you getting stranded. (Breaking down sucks anyways, now imagine everyone looking at you.. or worse, raining.)

-Lost passion: There is no greater feeling than bringing a car you love back to life. 

Things to avoid in a donor:

-Cars with Aluminum Frames: (ex. Dodge Viper) It can be done but cost would be substantially greater.

-Any hybrids: We do not offer EXO services on hybrid cars for the safety of our technicians and customers.

-Frame damaged vehicles : While it is ideal to make an EXO out of a wrecked car, vehicles with majorly twisted frames can cause safety issues for our clients.

Step Two: Getting in touch and getting set up

This is the easy part, as we will be there to walk you through most of the process.

Get Ideas

Feel free to look our build gallery to get some ideas of what you might like, each build has a section that tells the upgrades and features of each EXO.

Get In Touch

It's time to make it happen! Head over to our Start a Build page to get setup. After you complete the form, we will reach out to you and start the setup process.

Choose a time

We will talk with you about a dropoff date. All builds are usually completed within 4-6 weeks of the drop off date, unless otherwise specified. Once you have chosen a date it's time to secure it. A %50 build deposit will allow us to secure your spot and purchase materials for your build.


What's the point in owning an expressive car if it doesn't express who you are? Head over to our Paint  page and pick a color that you feel best suits you. After that you can even look on our site for other upgrades you may enjoy like racing seats, harnesses, and LED lights.


The fun stuff.

Get it to us

We can't work on it if it isn't here! We are proud to offer a variety of drop off and delivery options as needed. Feel free to contact us for more info on this.


We will send you regular updates and messages with any questions we have during this time. But overall, you really get to relax. 


Best part of the whole thing. All our reveals are different but all share the same excitement. The details for your reveal will be discussed during the build process. 

STEP FOUR: Drive the hell out of it!